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The best way to experience our quality stitching by visiting our site and exploring our each and every best looks.

Your Design We Deliver

+ Get the ladies tailored dresses and alteration now in Margao
+ So get your fabric and stitch with us in affordable price
+ Take the great feel to wear the garment stitched by us
+ We ensure that our garments always fits you perfectly
+ Styled for you by stylish

"To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything."

What we do best !!


Dress, kurti, churidar,tops are stitched the way you show the pattern based on the cloth


Alter your dresses either by giving your measurements or your fitting garments


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About Our Tailoring Shop

We are ladies tailor which takes care of all stitching requirements of womens

We aim to keep professional relationships with customers. So until and except if our clients are not satiesfied with our work, we continue giving them services

We also help in selecting fabric if its needed and stitch outfits as its there in your mind, So we offer great style and services for womens

Our tailoring shop is located in Arlem were  exact location is pinned below  

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