Tailoring Hobby

How tailoring became my hobby!!


Mostly from beginning I would love to wear clothes,that are stitched by the tailor for any festival or occasion .As in that I get to wear outfit that give me different look for every occasion.A special or trending fabric I would buy and try to search for latest dress patterns that exact fits my fabric and tell the tailor to stitch the exact how my design looks.

So till the date I would wait anxiously how my dress would look and once its done I would hurry to the tailoring shop to checkout how my dress looks ,while the way i would just cross my fingers n would pray that my dress looks beautiful and stitched the way I selected my pattern.S only thing i would think is that the dress looks exactly the same how I imagined.As the tailor shows the dress a smile just comes on my face after looking the dress and its just like how I thought . I guess you’ll know if your dress doesn’t looks the same ,from my mouth one word doesn’t come and I just say that its good and take my dress and goes off.

Stitching Hobby 

But when it looks beautiful i like to wear at that time only ,so as i wear and zipped up and look to the mirror uff it looks really beautiful as I expected.And I would look really beautiful on those dresses,so that how my every occasion and festival would go really amazing when I would wore those lovely dresses. Isn’t it amazing when your dress is stitched perfectly and fits properly and you look like a princess or a hot lady.    

Looking to all this I started thinking why couldn’t I try to stitch and tailor dress the way I want ,I mean to say design my own dress,Then I joined tailoring classes where I learned not much but fast as my 12th exam were approaching .I had learned little but now youtube helps me the most for my stitching.

So as days passed my interest in tailoring increased where  started by stitching my dresses for me only,where I started learning latest patterns .its great to stitch for ladies as they com with really beautiful dress designs as when I see them I think how to stitch them.Without thinking much I start cutting the fabric and starts to stitch and try to fit perfectly the outfit were I don’t want my dear customers to go sad but be happy and if they have any problem to the stitched dress then I like to clear them at that time itself.                                                                                  

I guess that helps me to stitch garments and my every customer happy.If you’ll also want to wear stitched dress then visit my tailoring shop with your fabric and design and get stitched with me.

If you’ll also have interest in tailoring then you’ll can join me, and start stitching with me.cause I think if you know at least something then by learning you can become perfect.But you need someones help or some practical knowledge to start stitching,the way how I started.So are you ready to start with me ??

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